Baby Jack | New Born Photography | Gavin Conlan Essex Wedding and Portrait Photographer | |

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous little boy Jack aged 10 days, he was absolutely fantastic and already had the posing technique of a seasoned professional model.

The key for me with this shoot was his little personality I really wanted to focus on this in every shot I took and to make the captures more flexible everything was shot using a mixture of available light and video light.  I don't like shooting using flash on someone so young as I think it could become uncomfortable on the babies eyes.  

The shoot was so much fun we captured some great expressions inbetween the occasional power nap (baby Jack not me), you can view a selection of my favourites from the shoot below and I really hope you love them as much as I do.  

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More Personal Family Portraits | Gavin Conlan UK Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Essex |

Last Sunday I photographed my niece and nephew, I wanted the images to ooze their personalities and the close bond they share together.  All the shots were taken using my portable studio it's amazing the results you can achieve with little space.

I even managed to apply some of my trademark toning techniques to some of the shots, I hope you enjoy this selection and feel free to leave a comment if you do....

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Personal Family Portraits | Gavin Conlan UK Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Essex |

I thought I'd post some personal photographs today, I took these over Christmas when we were all together - nothing beats having the whole family together.

Modelling for us today is my sister, my nephew and two of my little cousins (oh and the rest of the avengers crew :)... All photographs were taken during the half time of the football who says men can't multi-task - not only was I listening to the half time banter I also managed to capture these stunning photographs of my relatives. 

All photographs were taken using one nikon speedlight shot through a lastolite Ezybox softbox.

I hope you enjoy and have a great day.

Ps.. incase you were wondering yes we did win the football match....

I love this photograph - family portrait session |

There are certain images you can't explain but just fall in love with and this is one of those.  I was photographing my little cousins a couple of weeks ago and absolutely adore this shot it's jammed packed full of his personality and it just makes me smile so I thought I'd share it with you all.