The Wedding of Emma & Scott at the Haymarket Hotel, London

Finally their wedding day had arrived, I had been looking forward to this for what seemed an eternity.... The dinner suit had been hired the camera kit prepared and the wedding day was upon me, with hindsight I should of tried on the dinner suit before the wedding day to make sure it fitted well, to my disappointment I'd given the hire company the wrong neck measurements to say it was a little snug on the old adams apple was an understatement, once I got used to the feeling of being strangled I was all good to go....

Their wedding had to be one of the hottest days of the year and to say I was a little warm was an understatement haha, anyway my problems aside the day was truly amazing.... Every part of the hotel is a photo opportunity, if I ever win the lottery I will definitely be hiring the place for a future photoshoot :)

Weddings like Emma and Scott's makes me love this industry so much, it's a great honour to be given the responsibility to capture the imagery that will last for generations of their future families, pushing myself and working as hard as possible makes all worthwhile when you exceed your clients expectations.  Their slideshow is the biggest I've ever created for a wedding and I believe it captures their wedding perfectly, oozing the love, emotion and style that was in abundance on the day.....

The highlight for me was their first dance as they had some great rhythm on the dance floor I can't wait to see the video, it was like a movie scene, their first dance was to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" an absolute classic and it had all the smoothness of a Tarantino movie.... I had to keep reminding myself to shoot as I was enjoying it so much, it's definitely gave me ideas for my first dance if I ever get married haha...

I really hope you love viewing the images and slideshow below as much as I've loved creating them and If you haven't seen Emma and Scott's Pre-Wedding shoot then you can do so by clicking here.

I look forward to hearing all your thoughts....

Have a great day.....

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