gavin conlan photography facebook fan page is NOW live |

FINALLY....... after many many debates I've finally been convinced to create my very own facebook fan page for gavin conlan photography, I've been using facebook personally for years now and I was always a firm believer of using my personal account for both day to day usage and my photography.  To be honest I've never really got into the habit of posting imagery on facebook so now this fan page has given me a fresh start and I really do plan on showcasing my work a lot more often on here.  It'll also contain links to my journal so you'll be able to access my latest blog postings through the page.

I'm really promising to keep the page up to date and I really hope you enjoy viewing the fan page over the coming months as it evolves......... and IF I'm really lucky then you might even consider liking the page as I need to get to 25 fans to be able to give it it's own personal web address

The image below is from my fan page and you can click here to go directly to the page....

fb banner.jpg