The Wedding of Jodi & Jon at Cameron House, Loch Lomond, Scotland

I had the absolute pleasure at the start of the year to photograph Jodi and Jon and their gorgeous little girl Tilly, their portrait session kicked started the new era of my journal (you can click here to view that amazing first post) and now my latest installment is from their perfect wedding day.

Their wedding took place at the amazing Cameron House on Loch Lomond, this was my first visit to Scotland and I don't think I was actually prepared for the natural beauty of this part of the world but you know as soon as my eyes grasp these amazing views I was in awe of the surroundings.  Sitting, relaxing and watching over the Loch was one of the most tranquil moments of my life..... 

The journey started for me with a flight to Glasgow from Stansted the day before the wedding, after overcoming the first hurdle (my clothes arriving on the same flight as me) I made my way to my hotel with two of Jodi's friends, girls you were great.

My photography began with capturing images from the meals in the evening, both Jodi and Jon separated with their families and friends and had their food, talking of food the steak that I had was amazing it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  If anyone is interested I have a photograph.... :)

The Wedding day, oh my god the weather was perfect, great comfortable temperature, blue skies and the Loch looking as stunning as ever, needless to say I was a little warm, you know I think it's the concentration that makes me hot either that or it's due the fact I'm carry a few extra pounds... :)  The Wedding was such an amazing day and due to the intimacy of it the schedule allowed me as much time as I needed to capture their photography, I really couldn't have asked for more.  If I had to choose a highlight of the day for me then as difficult a question it is there are two, the first being the images I captured of Tilly sitting in the aisle as her mummy and daddy were declaring their love and commitment to each other and the second was the raw emotion felt during all the speeches.  Every word spoken was so heart felt, you know for me the whole satisfaction of being a wedding photographer is when you surround yourself with the most amazing couples, their family and friends and capture these memories that will live a lifetime with them.

Cameron House has this saying "The perfect place to create new memories with old friends" and you know what I couldn't agree more....

Please take time to view their sideshow and images and rejoice in their magical and emotional day, their reception at the Langdon Hills Golf and Country Club is to follow shortly...