Adobe Lightroom 5 Released via Adobe Creative Cloud | Gavin Conlan Photographer based in Essex

Monday 10th June saw the release of latest version of the awesome photographic software Adobe Lightroom 5, I've been using Lightroom since the very start and since the first release the improvements have been off the chart.  

The big rivalry at the start (Aperture vs Lightroom) was won by LR for me, I did own a copy of Aperture but there was just something really special with LR and it soon became an integrul part of my post processing.  I've never looked back since, a big part of my processing is completed in LR these days.

New features include;

1. Advanced Healing Brush

2. Upright 

3. Radial Gradient

4. Smart Previews

5. Video Slide shows

6. Improved Photo Book Creation 

I have just downloaded LR5 and moved my LR4 catalogue to LR5 the interface looks great and I can't wait to start using it.

Thank you Adobe Creative Cloud I love your service.

- Gavin