Make your facebook business page updates appear in news feeds without using Promoted Posts | Gavin Conlan Essex Wedding Photographer |

Good afternoon everyone!!!

You maybe aware that facebook in it's ever changing wisdom has altered the way our business pages are being seen in news feeds, on average only 7% of your audience receive each update posted. 

Facebook now are attempting to make page owners/administrators pay for "Promoted Posts" although I quite like this idea I am against the fact that they have changed this without consulting us as users. 

Facebook has always stated that we would never have to pay for being on here and I don't see why we have to start now.

To make sure you receive my posts please do the following;

1. Go to my page Gavin Conlan Photography | Professional Image Maker | Weddings | Portraits 
2. Click on the "LIKED" button
3. Select "Get Notifications" and "Show in News Feed" and make those two options are now ticked.

You'll now receive my latest news, images, blog posts, special offers in your news feed.

Thank you for your continued support it's amazing to know that you support me!!!! - Gavin