Lingerie shoot in Essex from a few years back | Gavin Conlan UK Wedding & Portrait Photographer |

As I mentioned previously I've been going through some of my old shoots and re-editing them to co-inside with my latest post processing techniques.

This shoot is approx 3 to 4 years old and it was the first time I had ever shot lingerie, it shot at home back in the day before I owned the Lastolite Hi-lite background. I ended up using a white cloth background in the dining room held together with cloth pegs to capture the "studio" style shots.  

I've never been that keen on shooting in a studio environment there's just something about location shooting that I love and the challenges it can bring.  The outdoor shots were all taken in the woods near my house, we found this great tree trunk that had been cut down and decided to use it as the prop (as you can see :).  

Looking back now I wish I had taken more variations of this location but I remember at the time I was so concentrating on the lighting that I just got carried away....

I have never used any of these images until today they have sat gathering dust on my harddrives, that's the thing with digital photography if your not careful images just get lost on drives.

Anyway I really hope you enjoy viewing them.  All shots were lit using nikon speedlights shot through umbrellas and a ezybox softbox, daylight and captured on my nikon D200 camera....