Portfolio shoot in London with the awesome Dila....

I recently had the pleasure shooting with Dila, we decided to shoot around Victoria/ St James' in the City of Westminster, I had scouted some locations a while back and it was great to finally have the opportunity to use them.  I wanted to do something different for this shoot, I want people to be surprised by the locations and to see how your everyday places can look so cool, I believe that these images are different to anything I've ever seen shot around this area before. I am so pleased to have these in my portfolio.

Dila was wicked to shoot with, she has a great look and a personality to match, she was really relaxed and loved the ideas I had come up with, without her help these wouldn't have been possible to achieve.  We managed to fit loads of outfit changes and locations in such a short space of time, the diversity will really benefit our portfolios.  I really hope that we get to work together again and that she is really successful in what she wants to achieve.

I hope you love this selection of shots from the shoot, I will be adding them to my website soon so check it out when you can.